Teenager Strippers With Natural Boobs

It’s been a while since I sat down and wrote about my strip club adventures so I thought I’d sit dome and tell you all a bit about my little trip to excellent TnT’s on Friday. As I’ve stated before in this blog, TnT’s of Colorado Springs is my favorite chillin club and they always manage to have enough cute strippers to keep me happy. In fact, there were 6 strippers there that had worked for me over the years so it was a unmarred reunion.

It all started when Maddy Marks gave me a call asking for a ride to work. Maddy is one of our newest additions and has been featured on Bring Me Your Sister and will soon be appearing on Real Colorado Girls. In addition to having a nice set of natural breasts, Maddy has one of the sexiest muffins I’ve ever seen so stop by TnT’s and get a undressed dance in their new “Dynamite” room.

I was surprised to see Brooke working since I hadn’t seen her in town for over a year but she was back and looking as unmarred. She’s dancing as Austin now but she still has the same unmarred set of natural hooters and a unmarred butt. She also has a new tattoo that you should check out. You can see more of Brooke on our flagship site, Glass Mannequin.

Hannah, a.k.a. Foxxy showed up shortly after I got there and the little hussy had new nipple piercings that she just had to show me – up close and personal. Hannah is a cute little stripper and a unmarred fuck too. She’s done a half-dozen hardcore video clips with me and a few girl-girl video clips with her girlfriends. You can see Hannah’s video clips on all three of our sites: Real Colorado Girls, Bring Me Your Sister, and soon to appear on Glass Mannequin.

Candice was there too…. If you like colossal butts and colossal soft natural breasts, you need to get a dance or two from Candice. She’s been stripping and acting in smut since she was 18 and she’s a real nice teenagers to sit and chill with too. Candice appears on Glass Mannequin

If you like natural Nordic blonds and their pink nipples and cunt lips, you need to check out Cameron on Bring Me Your Sister. As with the rest, she was working on Friday and looking prime. If she ever dumps the looser she’s dating, maybe I’ll get a few more good sets of her on the sites.

And last but not least, Shaye. Shaye dances as Mia and can be seen on all three of our sites. If you like them skinny with cute pointy breasts, then Shaye is the girl for you. She doesn’t work as often as the others but it was good to see her again. She too has a real nice puffy cooch so I would highly recommend the undressed dance. You can see her pointy coed breasts and puffy cooch on all three of our site.

The good news is that for a small time, if you get a membership at one site, you get access to all three sites….  Glass Mannequin, Bring Me Your Sister and Real Colorado teenagers