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Everyone that’s ever had a little teenage sister knows what I mean when I say that there are times when little sisters just need to be spanked. And this was just such an occasion for Tommy’s little sister, Maddy Marks. Seems the little cunt thought it would be funny to draw little dicks on her brother’s guitar with a sharpie. Well fuck me – time to spank a sister. I’m pretty sure Tommy wanted to knock the little cunt’s head off but that would have done him no good – but when he saw my add in the paper, offering to “punish sisters that had fucked up” he threw his sister in the cars and brought her straight to me.

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Of course, I had more in mind that just whoopin his sister – I was ready to fuck the little cunt in her first porno movie and let her brother even run the camera. In fact, I’d fuck the swollen little coochy hard enough that she’s wish she had never drawn those little dicks on her brother’s guitar. But the whoopin had to come first so I handed her brother a camera and bent the little cunt over and proceeded to spank her firm coed ass.Did I mention that I love my job?

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Problem is – I think his sister was enjoying it. Every time I spanked his sister, the cunt smiled at her brother like it was just a game. Damn, and this was supposed to be punishment. After whoopin her good, I decided it was time fro the little cunt to hurt a little more so I rammed my monstrous boner deep in her swollen muff as her mischievous brother got a closeup with his camera.Let me tell you, This guy’;s sister has a tight little coochy. As I rammed my boner in, she winced in pain and then starting moaning as I stroked her deep with my throbbing boner.

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