Monday Night At Unmarred Tnt’s

I had a hardcore porno set scheduled with teenager harlot Holie Marie last night and after we were done, we ran up to superior TnT’s for a drink. Holie Marie started stripping at TnT’s but now works at Deja Vu so it was nice for her to stop by and say hi to Jon and some of the girls. It was also nice to see Jenna back working after a month off and it’s always nice to see the super sexy small Harmony. Holie agreed with me that tattooed and pierced Harmony is one sexy little stripper.

Service was marvelous and there were plenty of cute girls. As is typical for a Monday night, there weren’t too many customers so we got spoiled with attention. If you lust after time with your favorite stripper – try to stop the strip club on a weeknight. This is true for most of the strip clubs in Colorado so why not give it a try?

After getting a really nice dance from Harmony, Holie and I headed dwelling. Another night at one of Colorado’s finest strip clubs…….