It’s All My Brother’s Fault

September 9th, 2016 by admin

I know it sounds like a cop-out but it’s all my brother’s fault that I got started in porno. The little pussy burnt his foot on my hair straightener and ran like a little babe to the doctor – costing him $300 in bills that if her were a real man, he would never have had to pay. Anyway, my brother was all ass-hurt so he took me to this old man’s house – once there, the dirty old man said he could help me pay my brother back – all I had to do was fuck him while my brother filed it. And my froward brother was just sitting there grinning. I knew that my brother was lusting after a few photograph of me undressed but using the excuse of getting his cash back to persuade me to do porno was real low. But WTF – I’ve always wanted to make a porno video clip it’s just that I never imagined that my brother would be there filing his little sister fucking. So there I was on the old man’s couch, my dark haired hair in the old bastard’s face, my large natural boobs pointed in the air, my wet little pussy filled with an old man’s fat cock and my froward brother just feet away with a video clip camera filming his sister getting fucked on-camera for the first time. It kinda turned me on :-) .

Sabina Sweet

Sabina Sweet

But to tell the truth, I loved having the old man’s cock fill my petite little pussy – almost to the bursting point. I even got used to my brother being there – and I know he love it. As soon as we got apartment he was surfing the members area of Bring Me Your Sister, downloading my video clip and dozens of other sister-porno video clips. Sick fucker.

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