Cream In My Sister’s Mouth

April 15th, 2016 by admin

There’s something about a guy that show up at your residence with his sister in tow and who tells you “go ahead, semen in my sister’s mouth”…… and it’s siblings like this that show up at Bring Me Your Sister looking to rectify family problems by making a porn – yup, it is more than a little fucked up – LOL. Anyway back to the story of Damian and his errant little sister, Roxy Rox. Roxy is a hot strawberry flaxen with a small little cunt and a mouth that both fit your pecker like a glove. Watch me fuck his sister as he stands just feet away filming my fat pecker slam his sister’s small cunt like a jackhammer, count the times his sister cums as she takes the full mass of my pecker deep in her pulsating cunt…… Now imagine how nice it would be to slam your own pecker deep in his sister’s cunt, then just before you’re ready to blow, pull your pecker out and blow your load of hot sticky semen all over his sister’s face making his sister suck the last drops of semen from your throbbing cock…… now it’s time to Join Bring Me Your Sister and live the dream.

Cum In My Sister’s Mouth

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Cum In My Sister’s Mouth

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