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Pearl Necklace

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times, “it’s the innocent one’s you’ve got to watch out for.” I met Sandra out at a club one night. She was standing with a few of her girlfriends and it was obvious she was the shy, quiet one. When her friends went off to dance and it was just the two of us I told her I photograph women for a living and her eyes lit up. She told me she always dreamed of having her picture in a magazine and I knew I had a live one. We made an appointment to meet but she made me promise not to tell her friends. Don’t ask me why, but when Sandra showed up in pearls looking like a librarian, I knew she was a dirty girl. Sure enough, Sandra came alive in front of the camera. She was spreading her ass and pussy so wide I could have spit in her hole if I wanted to. I gave her some mineral oil to rub on herself to give her tits a nice shine but Sandra had other ideas in mind. I kid you not when I say she went over to her bag and pulled out a thick pink vibrator and started fucking herself! All I can say is Sandra likes it hard and fast. She may be the quiet one in the club but she screams like a rockstar when she gets off! Log on and learn why it’s the shy one you should go for if you want a wild night in bed!Click here to see more.

Mariana by the pool

I’m was very happy today because I had the chance to film Mariana. This chick is so fucking beautiful and she told me in the video that there isn’t a day that goes by where she doesn’t fuck herself or someone. Mariana has the most charming eyes and when she looks at you there’s not much you can do to control the hard on that comes from her gaze. To top that off her lips are incredible and she’s completely all natural. Exotic describes this gal.. enjoy! It was like love bud heaven!

Sultry Gianna

All I can say is WOW.. thats how I would describe this new discovery. Gianna is another first timer and exclusive here on Pacino’s Adventures. How can I breakdown this latina… Well she has dirty blond hair, pretty eyes, and a smoking natural body. Her ass is fucking tight , you could tell that just by the way her butt was eating up that thong. This is her first ever scene and I think she puts on one hell of a show.. For sure I need to invite Gianna back again. It was like love bud heaven!

Lorna is ready to play

Lorna is a new addition to Pacino’s Adventures. I’ve noticed a trend with some gals lately. They seem to be cutting their hair and going with that short hair look, not sure if I’m a fan of that but Lorna is still one beautiful latina. She has charming eyes as you’ll see in this video and a tight body. Today we are poolside and she is feeling horny which can mean only one thing.. This chick is ready to PLAY! It was like love bud heaven!

Taylor and Rachel

Taylor and Rachel, Rachel and Taylor…These two girls can’t keep their hands off each other! I met Taylor and Rachel at a local coffee shop as I was fueling up for a long day’s shoot. It was crazy early in the morning and no one but me was in the shop. From the second I walked in, these girls were giggling and flirting relentlessly with each other. It was almost like I wasn’t standing there at the counter. They were smacking each other’s asses and giving each other the fuck me eyes, I just couldn’t believe it. It was like I died and went to lesbian voyeur heaven! When they finally did notice me, we got to talking and one thing lead to another…and I had them naked, together, in front of my camera! I learned that Rachel and Taylor have loads of energy and when work is slow they take turns trying to get each other off in between customers to pass the time! This was one of the easiest shoots for me to do because Taylor and Rachel just did what they do and that’s fuck! Log on and watch these coffee shop cuties play with each other. For them, it’s all in a days work and it brings new meaning to the question, “would you like cream with your coffee?” Click here to see more.

Playful Jessenia

Jessenia is fucking hot! This Latina cutie plays the innocent card to the max and she would have had me fooled if she didn’t get naked and fuck herself in front of my camera lens! Jessenia just turned eighteen and she told me she wants to break into the adult entertainment business. I don’t doubt that she’ll be a huge star someday. Jessenia has perky “A” cup titties, a flat stomach with a hint of her abs poking through and a dark pussy that reveals her pink jackpot when spread wide open for the camera. Jessenia is so driven to be a pornstar that she told me she practices cumming every day. How you ask? Jessenia fucks herself in front of a mirror every day so that she can see how her body moves and how she looks when she gets off! Lucky for you, practice has made Jessenia perfect. Log on and watch this little vixen finger her pussy like the pro she is. Jessenia’s gonna be a big star some day and you can say you saw her here first on La Zona Modelos! Click here to see more.