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Sister Fucked Her Brother’s Tattoo Artist

Kaydence Sky’s brother was pissed when he showed up at my door with her in tow. Seems his little sister had fucked him by fucking his tattoo artist. Kaydence’s brother had been getting some pretty intense ink on his arm when she decided she wanted a little tattoo on her chest. But instead of paying for her tattoo, this teenage inkslut decided to fuck her brother’s tattoo artist to get her ink done. This was fine till his little sister cut him off. When Ralph’s little sister tattoo artist, he refused to finish her brother’s tattoo – now her brother needed to hire another artist and it was gonna cost him $600.00.  Funny part is – his sister had no idea of what he had in mind for her :-)

Ralph shows up at my door with his sister - she has no idea why she's here.

Ralph shows up at my door with his sister – she has no idea why she's here.

Like most little sisters that owe their brothers for something, I doubt Kaydence would have ever paid but Ralph had seen my add in the local paper and he was determined to “Bring Me His Sister”. Of course the little cunt was pissed at her brother for even thinking that she would do a porn video – but like most guys sisters, the thought of fucking on film was turning her on and she kinda wanted to see what it was like.What we didn’t tell her was that her brother would be filming her first hardcore porn video for Bring Me Your Sister.

Ralph gets ready to film his sister in her first hardcore video

Ralph gets ready to film his sister in her first hardcore video

At first it was a little awkward for the just-out-of-high-school teenager to have some old man slamming his cock in her tight shaved pussy as her brother filmed it. In fact, when her brother pointed the camera at her and said “say hi to mom and dad”, I thought she would get up off my cock and kick her brother’s ass. You can see that famous clip as a member at Bring Me Your Sister – in addition, you get to see dozens more hot sisters getting filmed by their brothers in their first porn videos.

When Ralph said "Say hi to mom and dad" I thought she would kill him

When Ralph said "Say hi to mom and dad" I thought she would kill him

You can see the entire video – inluding his sister’s fine round ass by visiting Bring Me Your Sister today.

Babydoll Cierra


Cierra’s back!  Luck for us this college gal is strapped for cash.  Cierra loved getting naked for you all so much the first time that she’s asked to cream back and do it all over again!  Who wouldn’t want to see this charming Latina take it all off for the camera!  Cierra has that exotic look that will drive you crazy.  Carmel colored skin, jet-black hair and big brown eyes that say, “I want to suck your penis.”  Cierra came over straight from tennis practice and she still had on her short little tennis skirt.  She was gonna change into a bikini but I asked her to strip out of the skirt instead.  Cierra got on the bed and bent over on all fours so I could get a shot of how her asshole peeks out from both sides of her thong.  You can’t hear this in the images, but Cierra talks really nasty throughout her photo shoot.  She says that talking dirty turns her on and makes her get into the moment.  Well, her dirty talk must have worked because she asked me if I had a vibrator she could play with.  I gave her a blue one because it matched her tennis outfit and that’s when the show really gets started.  Log on and watch Cierra volley for serve between her clit and her love bud until she cums like a champion.  College gals rule and Cierra is no exception. Click here to see more.

Getting very wet


I’ve got something special in store for you with this one!  Grace is the cutest eighteen-year-old on the planet.  She’s fun, funky and full of energy.  I ran into Grace at a carnival where she was hanging out with some friends.  Grace came up to me and asked about my cameras.  She was acting coy and shy but I could tell she had that twinkle in her eye that signals a wild side beneath.  The next day Grace came by my place and we started taking some photos in the tub.  She said she was a water beauty and liked to get wet.  It didn’t take long for Grace to pull her bikini aside and flash her perky breasts.  After a few shots, Grace started massaging her clit with the showerhead and I knew this was going to get dirty.  The warm water got her wet and her sexual energy got her wetter.  Grace started grabbing her ass and love bud from behind and spreading it so I could get unobstructed shots of her tight hole.  Grace even fingered her asshole for me for a while before grabbing the blue vibrator I had grabbed for her.  Grace is a small, tight beauty so it took her a while to work the vibe into her sweet spot but once it was in she knew what to do.  Grace is still so tight that you can see her slit walls clinging to the vibrator as she pulls it out and pushes it back in, going deeper each time.  If you like blonde gals that have tight snatches, be sure to check out Grace in her Internet debut! Click here to see more.

Perky Milk shakes


I’m a sucker for a cutie whose nipples are always hard and Julia has those nipples.  I’d seen Julia around a few times and always noticed her nipples staring back at me at full attention.  I couldn’t help but drool over them every time we met and Julia eventually called me out on it.  I’m not shy when it comes to honeys so I asked her if I could see them in the flesh.  Julia was game and we set up a time to meet.  Damn, did I get more than I bargained for!  Julia’s got those tall nipples that never quit.  She’s got “A” cup melons that are super sensitive thanks to her soldier nipples.  Julia told me that when she goes jogging sometimes she cums as she’s running because her nipples rub against her tank top as she moves.  With that, she started rubbing her nipples and getting all into it.  She started to get wet and finger her love bud as she squeezed those nipples with no mercy.  I always have a bag of toys with me in case the ladies decide they want to play and Julia said yes right away.  She chose a huge silver vibrator and plunged it deep into her slit.  Julia has a huge clit so she hit it every time she rammed the vibe in.  But the best part of the shoot was after she got the vibe lubed up in her wet love tunnel she glided it in her tight asshole and crammed her backside for the camera!  So log on and enjoy the surprise anal action laid down by Julia and her ever-hard nipples!  Click here to see more.

Stunning Gianna


My job doesn’t suck.  I search the world looking for the hottest fresh-faced talent to bring to you as first-timers on the Internet.  It’s amazing how many babes out there fantasize about being porn stars.  Most of them don’t really want to shoot movie scenes and make a career out of it but they are willing to get naked in front of my camera for the night and never tell their boyfriends about it.  That was the case with Gianna.  Gianna is a personal trainer at an exclusive club that caters to the rich and famous.  Words can’t describe how fucking pretty her body is.  She is tight and toned with “B” cup milk shakes.  Her abs give her the consummate thickness and her bubble but is topped off by a tramp stamp tattoo.  Gianna is in a relationship but always wanted to be a naughty pin-up kitten and I gave her that chance.  At first Gianna was more comfortable posing in her sports bra and workout pants but as the shoot went on she loosened up.  She started asking me if I liked her body and what I wanted to see her do.  Who am I to lie?  I loved her body and wanted to see her naked!  I told her to take her top off so I could see her milk shakes and I had her play with her clit for the camera.  Once Gianna started moaning I knew I had her.  I put some toys out on a table and when Gianna was ready she took a purple vibrator to play with.  Log on and watch this fitness guru fuck herself for the first time on camera and on the Internet. Click here to see more.

Cheerleader Cierra


You’ve got to love college gals!  They are charming, they’re fit, they’re horny and they need money to buy textbooks so it’s easy to get them naked!  Enter Cierra.  This dark haired, dark eyed chick is studying non-verbal communication at a local university.  I understood her non-verbal loud and clear when she started playing with her hard little nipples and moaning in ecstasy!  Cierra was on fire!  Her ass is gonna make you want to bury your face in it and take an extended vacation.  Her naughty cheerleader costume was nice-looking, but Cierra was even hotter when she took it off.  I’d like to think I’m an expert in non-verbal communication myself.  As Cierra took off her panties, I noticed they were sticking to her love bud they were so wet and her lips were swollen and glistening.  Non-verbally, that told me Cierra was ready to cum.  I offered her a blue vibrator and you’ll just have to log on and see if this naughty cheerleader got nasty with it. Click here to see more.