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Alliyah Sky Flat Alone

What’s a girl to do when she finds herself residence alone with nothing to do? That’s what I was thinking when I first saw these homemade vid vids of the great Irish/Asian beauty Alliyah Sky. In this first vid, Alliyah is lying on the bed with the sexiest bra and underwear. Alliyah has her underwear pulled to the side and you can clearly see how wet her cooch is she is as she rubs one out for the camera.

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In the second vid from our friends over at Glass Mannequin, Alliyah has removed her underwear and is slowly sliding a vibrating blue sex-toy in and out of her superlative cooch as she rubs her clit with her other hand. There’s some real good angles in this homemade sex vid vid and I think you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.

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In the third homemade sex vid vid, Alliyah has the sex-toy vibrating and twisting as she moans in pleasure to each thrust – she still has her sexy pink bra on but that’s soon to change – download the full video here.

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In the fourth vid of Alliyah’s homemade vid, you can watch how she works the massive blue sex-toy in and out of her wet Asian cooch. Biting her lip as she presses the vibration nose of the blue worm against her sensitive clit. Glass Mannequin members get more Alliyah Sky porn than on any other site on the internet.

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In the fifth sex vid, Alliyah is massaging her tiny natural can as she fucks herself righteously with the king-sized sex sex-toy.  View the free trailer here.

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In this 6th and last free video vid from the guys at Glass Mannequin, you get a nice low-angle shot of Alliyah climaxing and then slowly removing the king-sized sex-toy from her cooch – her wetness is obvious…..  :)

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There’s Jizz On Your Sister’s Rack

Part 4 of “retaliation’s A Mother Fucker”

Kirstoff’s little sister, Butterfly Haze, was hurting a little bit from my erection slamming against her cervix but I still wanted 3 more seconds with my hard erection in her wet little muff before I blew my hot load of jizz all over her belly. Her brother looked on as I pulled my erection out of her tight little cunt after one final thrust and blew my load on his sisters firm teenager belly and hooters. Wiping the jizz off her new butterfly tattoo, she looked at her brother with hateful eyes and vowed that one day she would get him back for the brutal fucking her had imposed on her that day. But somehow in the bask of her mind, she knew that she would do it again if she got the chance. Having her brother make homemade video clips of her while she was having sex somehow turned the little tramp on.

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Delivery Teen Aiden Ashley Seduced By Jazy Berlin!

Ready to shoot a good old fashioned lesbian scene with none other than buxom sandy Jazy Berlin but her onscreen partner cancelled at the last minute. Hoping to salvage it we decided to look for a costar online since it’s pouring outside. Jazys tarting to get fired up decided to flash her huge tits just as the delivery teen Aiden Ashley walks in with a package. Jazy was not interested in the package and was too busy eyeing the stunning brunette coed. Jazy put her A game on and the impressionable coed was smitten. Seduced by the stunning voluptuous sandy it didn’t take very long for these two to start munching on each others rug, plugging their snatches with sex toys, and rubbing each others beavers until they get off! DOWNLOAD another coed get seduced by a hot honey only at!
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Me And A Friend Pounding The Same Snatch

I don’t do too many bbg movies on Glass Mannequin – not because I don’t like sharing a little cooch once in a while but mostly because most guys can’t keep up or get intimidated when the old bastard shows them up – lol. Actually my man Sabin had been checking out my current squeeze for a while and when he found her at the corner store he decided it was his chance to get himself a little cooch. Where he fucked up was bringing the tart back to my place and trying to use my hot tub – so I just figured it was my “right” to join in.

Blaze Burnz and Sabin Busted In My Hot Tub

Blaze Burnz and Sabin Busted In My Hot Tub

And this tattooed young mom is one of the best cocksuckers I’ve ever known so having her slobber all over my erection was first-class – even if my best man was behind her sleazy butt stuffing his 9? erection as deep in her wet little cunt as possible. I call that a stuffed tart! See it all on Glass Mannequin or click on the pic of her getting stuffed to enjoy a few free three-some porno vids.

Blaze Burnz Sucking My Cock

Blaze Burnz Sucking My Cock

Of course – fucking in the hot tub can kill an old man so I talked the kids into moving into the living room where we had a little more room to carry on our debauchery. And from the look of the images – Blaze likes the long erection in her pussy and the fat erection in her mouth…..   But damn – this babe can suck erection!

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Tattooed teenager Mom Fucking Two Guys

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Monica Fucks Teen Newbie Mindy

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Franchezca Valentina using the alias Monica headed to the streets to score shaved teen trim. Monica always brought a supply of dildos with her in case we got lucky. Of course this time we forgot her goody bag. We stopped in at the local adult store and purchased a couple of strap ons and vibrators. Inside the store a blonde teen caught her eye. She looked to be about 18 or 19 and cute as a button. Monica walked over and introduced herself to Mindy. Mindy was in the market for a sex-toy. Monica helped the teen pick out the best one then offered to show her how to use it back at her pad. Mindy being a slutty teen agreed. Once back Monica pushed her to the couch, flicked her muff, ate it and dipped a monstrous sex-toy in and out of her teen trimmed pussy. See how Mindy returns that favor when you DOWNLOAD another episode ONLY at


Cantaloupe And Vanilla Ice Cream

Few thing in life are finer than a pair of hot sisters – well maybe a trio of hot sisters but let’s not push our luck. One of the things that I find finer than a trio of hot sisters is a trio of hot sisters that are strippers – and even finer than a trio of hot sisters that are strippers is a trio of hot sisters that are strippers that will do a triple-table-dance for you, and even finer than a trio of hot sisters that are strippers is a trio of hot sisters that are strippers that will do a bare triple-table-dance for you, is a trio of hot sisters that are strippers that will do a bare triple-table-dance for you and then fuck you on camera – and the only thing better in life than trio of hot sisters that are strippers that will do a bare triple-table-dance for you and fuck you on camera is cantaloupe and ice vanilla cream!

I first met Holie Marie when her brother introduced us on my doorstep insisting she make a pron video so she could pay him back for some albums she ruined by leaving them in the ride in the hot sun. I hired her and even let her sick fuckin brother stick around and film his little sister’s first porno video. What he didn’t tell me is that he has two other sisters. A few weeks later, he showed up on my porch with another sister, Anistaija, and I introduced her to porno as well. Holie liked making her first porno video so much that she came back and did five more hardcore sets for GMP web sites and Anistaija has become a real regular at GMP since her brother first showed up with her on my front porch. With over 40 hardcore, lesbian, and bare sets under her belt, Anistaija’s become a real porno hussy.

Holie MarieAnistaijaBree

A few weeks after meeting Anistaija, Holie started stripping at one of the local clubs and invited me in to see her. It was here that she introduced me to her youngest sister, Bree.

Holie is a tall skinny thing with a superlative pair of boobs and Anistaija has the same skinniness and another superlative set of boobs but is a good bit shorter than Holie. Bree has the hard-teenager-body thing going on (I call it baby fat). All three are wonderful babes, superlative models, and first-rate strippers – Bree is the naughtier of the three, Anistaija tries to play shy, and Hoile is more mature and a dream to spend an evening with.

OK so I didn’t get to fuck Bree yet but I’ve fucked Holie a number of times and Anistaija on that first Bring Me Your Sister shoot. And just tonight I got to shoot some pretty cute bare images of the youngest sister , Bree.

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I hope I never have to live without cantaloupe and vanilla ice cream.