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Teen Lesbian Girl Cumming

I was digging through my archive and found this audition clip of Glass Mannequin Girls Jayda Garcia and her high school girlfriend Anistaija. Anistaija had done a few scenes but Jayda was a total camera-virgin. This film of the teenagers cumming is from the end of the clip – Jada had already made her girlfriend spunk and now it was her turn. Despite worrying about the camera, Jayda finally climaxed as her girlfriend returned the favor by eating her fat clitoris. What I find fine is how many different ways that teenagers spunk – some have vaginal orgasms, so have clitoral orgasms and some have both. From watching these tow teen hotties, I’m pretty sure little Jayda likes her fat little clitoris stimulated – anyone long for to test my theory?

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Retaliation’s A Mother Fucker

Kirstoff wanted vengeance…. seams his little sister, Butterfly Haze, has been fucking Kirstoff’s wife and now his wife is leaving the poor bastard for his misbehaving little sister. That’s why he answered my add in the local paper. Sure he’s pissed off – wouldn’t you be pissed of if your little sister was fucking someone you cared about? Even worse if your little sister was getting them to leave you for her. Well Kirstoff wasn’t going to take it any linger so he showed up at my door with his misbehaving little sister in tow and he wanted some vengeance. He wanted to see his little sister violated…….

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and the perv wanted to film it too. Lucky for me, his little sister had a super marvelous hard coed body and a sweet little cunt. Kirstoff hadn’t made many homemade shoots before but he was willing to give it a try. Being real mad at the coed your filming is always a good motivation to get a few extra closeups of her cunt or to make sure you film her face as she winces in pain as a immense meat is rammed deep in her cunt. It’s even better if it’s your own sister that you’re filming…….. But – that’s the reason we let brothers film their sisters fucking on Bring Me Your Sister – the only site on the internet where you can film your own sister having sex.

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How Close Is Too Close To Your Sisters Muffy?

I know I’ve posted about my sister, Maria Marez, before but this little cunt keeps fucking up my stuff so I decided to sell her to an old man that runs this sister smut site to pay for my massage table after my sister fucked it up. Anyway – at first I was a little shy about filming the whole thing but with time I got real close to my sister’s wet little snatch and filmed this old fucker stuffing his fat penis deep in my sister’s mouth and then making her ride his puffy penis like the the little hussy she is.

My Sister Sucking Cock

My Sister Sucking Cock

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My Sisters Pussy

My Sisters Wet Pussy

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My Sister Sucks Penis

I know it’s something I probably shouldn’t know but damn, my perverted little sister really did let me set her giving an perverted old codger a sloppy oral sex in her first-ever sister porn movie as revenge for fucking up the stereo in my auto.  It all started when the little harlot decided to borrow my auto without asking – I was in the process of installing a new sound system in the auto when she decided to turn it all the way up – bumping like a naughty skank and blowing my amp in the process. And, since the dumb harlot is always fucking broke, my freaky sister had no way to pay me back so I pimped her skinny ass out to the naughty old gramps at Bring Me Your Sister. Now, my sister is a itty bitty little thing and it was hard for me to imagine her taking such a long throbbing boner so deep in her throat but she did manage to get all of the geezer erection all the way in her mouth – all the while I was right there filming my sexy hot sister, Indica Young sucking the old fart’s long throbbing boner.

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My Sister Sucking Cock

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Jager Nightly’s Lesbian Audition

When I asked Gracelynn if she wanted to audition the new black babe I had just shot for Bring Me Your Sister in her first Lesbian sex shoot Gracelynn jumped at the chance. Gracelynn had helped video Jager’s first boy-babe shoot and wanted to taste this skinny black teenagers sweet little pussy and play with her great natural tits and petite ass – Gracelynn was dying to fuck Jager and I wanted to video it happen.

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Gracelynn Moans and Jager Nightly Kissing For The First Time

The teenagers wasted no time and it was obvious to the entire crew that the teenagers were enjoying each other – so much so that they soon forgot the cameras and were fucking for themselves and not for the cameras…. but that’s cool – real sex always makes the best videos.

Cuntmunching 101

Cunt eating 101

Although Gracelynn started the eating pussy, Jager was obviously into eating pussy too and it shows in the shoot. Watching Jager spread Gracelynn’s puffy pussy lips exposing her fat clit then working that clit with her tongue like only a true bisexual or lesbian babe can do.

Munching The Muffin

Munching The Muffin

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Amy Brooke’s Exquisite Blow Job

Amy Brooke was hanging in the park flying a kite. Looking a bit bored with herself she smiled at me. I instantly walked over and introduced myself. Offering her a spot in our blow job club. After just breaking up with her little dick boyfriend Amy was more than willing and ready to suck off a substantial cock. Well as luck would have it I was hung like a horse! I grabbed her hand and placed it on my junk then invited her back for a big erection deep dicking. She hopped in the cars and started massaging my erection while eating her teen lips. She slowly unzipped my pants, gasped and then started to blow me off. I couldn’t believe a hot teen would be so easy! Check out the entire blow job but see me break that vagina ONLY at baby!

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