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Lady Lez, Colorado’s Pure Lesbian Power

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This lesbian cunt loves the ladies and never passed up a chance to fuck as many of them on camera as she could. eighteen year old Lady has stared in a seven or eight amateur sex lesbian scenes and half a dozen lesbian photo sets. Each time this teenage muff diving cunt would bring a new girl over we would get a new lesbian movie. Lady’s natural energy on camera is awesome and it’s obvious that her enjoyment, and her orgasm’s is real. At only 18, lady has more experience than most teenagers – claiming to have fucked over 200 women, this slut doesn’t hesitate to bury her face in a teenagers crotch and proceed to make her jizz. See more lesbian porn at

Andy San Dimas: The Dirty Guest!

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It is your all-time favorite smut star: Andy San Dimas! She took some super sexy pictures in my guest bathroom with some skankalicious red lipstick on. Yes, I am an old woman now, and old women do have guest bathrooms and bedrooms to match. Only in MY guest rooms, hot girls who get fucked on camera stay there…as opposed to other lame people’s guest rooms who just have like, in-laws in them.

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Violet Little Gets Pimped By Her Brother

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Violet Little watches as her brother pimps her to the older man

Nasty Violet Little just can’t manage not to break her brother’s stuff so she’s back at Bring Me Your Sister with her brother to do another sister porn video clip so she can pay her brother the $1000 she owes him for breaking his computer. Since the small over sized breasted Violet had let her brother video her fucking before, she was no stranger to having a sibling sex in the room as she fucked but she still wasn’t in the mood for a lot of bullshit, she just wanted to fuck and get her brother off her back. But like most coed nymphos, Violet liked the fucking part – maybe a little too much. I think she even liked fucking while her brother was watching – because she sure was a horny little tramp. Members get to see Papa fill her shaved coed pussy with sperm “creampie” style as her brother shoots it.

Her brother films her fucking

Her brother shoots her fucking

In this video clip, Violet gives Papa a sloppy blow job before making him lick her shaved coed pussy. He then fucks her while her brother watches. Watching Violet’s over sized floppy titties bounce around as her brother watches is priceless. Pulling her undies aside, Papa shoots a huge load of hot sticky spunk deep in his sister’s pussy and he shoots her getting a wet coed creampie.

My Wife’s Sister

My wife was at spending the day shopping at the factory outlet store when her little  sister stopped by to see her. Of course, being the good  host that I am, I my wife’s teenage sister in for a drink of lemonade and we started chatting in the kitchen. Somewhere during out pleasantries – thinks went all to hell. I can’t remember if it was me staring at my wife’s little sister’s hard nipples poking through her t-shirt or if it was her casual brushing up against me – but somehow I came to pass that I had the little teen cunt bent over the table and was forcing my throbbing pecker deep in my wife’s sister’s puffy little cunt. I had dreamed about her sister while masturbating at night when my wife was asleep and even a few times as i was fucking my wife – but I had never believed that I would ever find my throbbing pecker buried in my wife’s little sister’s shaved twat.

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My Wife’s Younger Sister

My wife won’t shave her cunt so it was real nice feeling a smooth shaved twat squeezing my manhood in smooth even pulses. Even though she was 16 years younger than my wife, she fucked like a much more experiences woman – except for her fine perfect teen-like body – she could have been my wife. Then it hit me, it was just like fucking my wife when she was younger – only better because it was somehow so outlawed. I did discover that, like my wife, her sister didn’t lust after me to spunk on her face but unlike my wife, her little sister loved to suck pecker. So pulling out, I shot a big load of hot sticky spunk all over her sister’s huge natural knockers.

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Ashli Orion Bangs For Book Cash

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The book bang crew was not having any luck. The campus was lacking hot coeds in fact it was lacking people in general! The place was a ghost town then we saw curvy 19 year old brunette Ashli Orion practicing her lines. Ashli was a drama major and has dreams of becoming an actress one day. Just in luck we told her we were making one of our sexy independent art films but she hesitated when she found out it involves nudity but quickly changed her tune once we threw in the giant coin which she needed for books. Once in the studio she couldn’t keep her eyes off my junk. I quickly devoured her curves munching her moist pussy as she gets a mouthful of my ten incher. I pounded her cooch hard and spewed cum all over her face! Check out the full DOWNLOADABLE film ONLY at

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Sister Fucked Her Brother’s Tattoo Artist

Kaydence Sky’s brother was pissed when he showed up at my door with her in tow. Seems his little sister had fucked him by fucking his tattoo artist. Kaydence’s brother had been getting some pretty intense ink on his arm when she decided she wanted a little tattoo on her chest. But instead of paying for her tattoo, this teenage inkslut decided to fuck her brother’s tattoo artist to get her ink done. This was superior till his little sister cut him off. When Ralph’s little sister tattoo artist, he refused to finish her brother’s tattoo – now her brother needed to hire another artist and it was gonna cost him $600.00.  Funny part is – his sister had no idea of what he had in mind for her :-)

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Ralph shows up at my door with his sister – she has no idea why she’s here.

Like most little sisters that owe their brothers for something, I doubt Kaydence would have ever paid but Ralph had seen my add in the local paper and he was determined to “Bring Me His Sister”. Of course the little cunt was pissed at her brother for even thinking that she would do a smut video – but like most guys sisters, the thought of fucking on film was turning her on and she kinda wanted to see what it was like.What we didn’t tell her was that her brother would be filming her first hardcore smut video for Bring Me Your Sister.

Ralph gets ready to film his sister in her first hardcore video

Ralph gets ready to film his sister in her first hardcore video

At first it was a little awkward for the just-out-of-high-school teen to have some old man spreading her exquisite little teenager ass and slamming his huge schlong in her tight shaved little twat as her brother filmed it. In fact, when her brother pointed the camera at her and said “say hi to mom and dad”, I thought she would get up off my schlong and kick her brother’s ass. You can see that famous shoot as a member at Bring Me Your Sister – in addition, you get to see dozens more hot sisters getting filmed by their brothers in their first smut vids.

When Ralph said "Say hi to mom and dad" I thought she would kill him

When Ralph said "Say hi to mom and dad" I thought she would kill him

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