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Amateur Sex Coed Krystal Benz Joins The Teeny Bopper Club!

Nothing excites me more than a stakeout for nubile teens to recruit for the teeny bopper club. However once in a while it’s nice to have teens that are eager to voluntarily join the club. It saves up a lot of coin on gas too which is why I was delighted to initiate Krystal Benz to the club! Krystal just turned 18 a true barely legal chick This pointy dark haired was eager to get to work. I gave her a walking tour of the studio as well as telling her about the ins and outs of the adult business before getting busy going in and out of her! Krystal Benz started out well swallowing my thick shaft whole not unlike one of the best pros in the jizz biz! I then bent her over and rammed her muffin hard and fucked her silly in different positions before shooting my load on her face! DOWNLOAD the full moving ONLY at

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My 18 Year Old Sister Fucks Monstrous Cocks

My sister is a real whore so when she broke my play-station I decided to pimp her little cunt out and make her make a smut shoot. When I read this buddy’s add in the local paper looking for sister’s that had pissed their brothers off or owed their brothers dough, I called him and he told me he would pay me if i made my sister fuck him in front of the camera. He even told me that he would let the brother video him fucking his sister. Hell, this was the awesome punishment for my little cunt sister.

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My Sister Is Gonna Fuck This Old Guy

So I told Violet to go with me and I drove her to this old guy’s place – he invited us in and and asked a lot of questions about what the little cunt sis to piss me off. Then he told my sister that she could fuck him and he would pay me for the broken play station. My sister was a little pissed but I wasn’t letting my sister leave till she fucked somebody. I kinda wanted to see her get fucked by this old buddy.

Holding My Sister Down

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My sister resisted a little but as soon as the old guy started eating my little sister’s cunt, she started moaning like a little fucking whore. Fucking little cunt was really getting into it and it didn’t even bother her that her own brother was filming her get fucked.

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It was kinda hot filming my little sister getting her little coed cunt eaten by the olde guy at Bring Me Your Sister. I was a little shocked at how much the little cunt liked it and it made me a little horny to see my sister’s snatch. Fuck, it got even hoter when the little whore started rifding his cock like it was a rodeo bull. You can see all of the shoot I made of my sister on

Sledge Hammers My Muffin

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Hi y’all, how’s all my loyal members and fans doing this week? I’m doing a little better since I took my turtle to the turtle doctor. It turns out he didn’t have parasites after all…he was just constipated…lol, I’m SOOO glad it was not parasites…YIPPIE!!! I was so happy I decided to call my friend Sledge to celebrate…he has such a colossal penis, it’s so substantial It can only fit in my tight little white muffy when I’m in a good mood, so now is a good time for Sledge to pay me a visit…bye guys! (until next week)
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Gracelynn Moans Homemade Sex Clips

OK – a few of my friends know that I have all of the original amateur sex porno footage of the cute new pornstar Gracelynn Moans and they have asked me to post more of her original videos from Glass Mannequin on my blogs. Of course, you can visit Gracelynn for more but since this was one of her first videos ever – and one of her real amateur sex homemade video clips I thought I’d share it on this homemade sex video clip blog for you all to enjoy.

For those of you that don’t know Gracelynn yet, she’s a super-cute Colorado Girl that thought making porno video clips would be fun and after her brother pimped her out in her first porno for Bring Me Your Sister, she went on to do a dozen or so more amateur sex video clips with the guys at Glass Mannequin Productions. These films of the cute Colorado coed with the exquisite fat cunt and nice round butt are just a few of the sex video clips you will find of her on Glass Mannequin.

Now I know these are just small films but I promise to pose more free video clip films of Gracelynn over the next few days like I always do on this blog so be sure to bookmark this page and come back for more. In this video clip, Gracelynn had met up with Richard Nailder at the local park and they headed back to his place for some casual sex at his place. Stay tuned for the hardcore video clips of her bending over the washing machine and taking every inch of her friend’s fat erection brought to you by the perverts at Glass Mannequin.

For now, I’ll leave you with a free scene of Gracelynn masturbating in the laundry room with the help of her friend. Imagine your own hand fingering her dripping wet coed cunt as you hold the camera just inches away from her exquisite cooch….. Imagine what it would feel like to slide your erection slowly into the warmth and wetness of here coed cunt….. now sign up for Glass Mannequin and download the entire homemade sex video clip to your computer to enjoy anytime you need your “Gracelynn Moans” fix.

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Two Errant Lesbian Friends

These two froward teenage lesbians have been friends for a while but they have never been filmed eating vagina before so when the little twats asked me to film them, I jumped at the chance. Honey, the curly haired Mexican Girl, was as horny as they get and couldn’t wait to stuff the sextoy in her girlfriends wet little cunt – and to tell the truth, I was a little excited to see her fucking her girlfriend with the sextoy. You can see more sextoy stuffed twats at Glass Mannequin

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